Utasebune 打瀬船 Fishing Boat – 1/72 Scale Model from Paris Drawings – Part 4

While it may not look like a lot, I managed to do some detailing of my Utasebune model this week. At this point, the changes are on the subtle side, since all the structural work is mostly done.

I’m ready to add the uwakoberi, which is the term for the cap rail, but first I need to add the boards that cover the aft end of the hull planking. I don’t know if this is a universal term, but I know these as chiri. They are decorative, but also protect the end grain of the hull planks.

I used paper patterns rubber cemented to the sheet wood. This not only allows me to cut the parts accurately, but at this scale, it provides support for the wood, and helps keep it from splitting while cutting.

Once the chiri are in place, it was then an easy matter to glue the koberi into place. I also started building the rudder.

Finally, I painted the lower hull planking black and made a simple base from cherry wood.

Next, I’ll probably need to make the faux mortise covers. But, I can also get started on the sails. The biggest upcoming problem I see is that I’m not sure where I’ll tie off the sheets that come off the sail.

Fortunately, this is one boat that operated well into the 20th century. And, while by this time, they were equipped with a motor for getting to and from the fishing grounds, they  still operated under sail for the actual fishing. So, there should be sail information available somewhere.


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