Find downloads of my articles and guides here:

Tosa Wasen Article Nautical Research Journal Vol61, No.3 – A copy of my 14-page arcticle on building the Thermal Studio kit of the Tosa Wasen.

Hacchoro Notes and Translated Instructions – My English language guide for building Woody Joe’s Hacchoro wooden model kit.

Higaki Kaisen Article from Ships in Scale – This is a 3-part article I wrote on the building of the kit from Woody Joe. There are 3 parts, which you can download here: Part 1Part 2Part 3.


Downloads from the web:

Building the Naragara River Ubune with Boatbuilder Nasu Seiichi – 船大工那須誠一と長良川の鵜舟をつくる (Japanese) – A Japanese language pdf book that is available as a free download from the Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties. This book discussed the construction of a cormorant fishing boats from Japan’s Gifu prefecture, with the main part written by boatbuilder Douglas Brooks, and a section by Mr. Masashi Kutsuwa on riverboat culture.

Funakagami – 船鑑  – A pdf version of the early 19th century guide to boats used on the rivers in the Edo area that was created for tax assessment purposes. The actual link is on my blog post.

Funakagami article – An article published in the February 2014 issue of the newsletter of the Japanese ship model society, The Rope, on the background of the Funakagami book.

Survey of the Wasen Models at Ota-City Folk Museum – This was a special report by members of The Rope about the finding and photographing of 24 models that are in storage in the Ota-City Folk Museum. I’ve included this here particularly because of my own involvement with the investigation.

Modeling the Gozabune Taiho-Maru of the Higo Clan – Mr. Taketoshi Tanaka of The Rope has been working on the modeling of a Gozabune, a kind of highly decorative yacht used by Daimyo to entertain, travel, and show off their prowess. This is a rare look at the model construction process in two parts. The link to the second part is here.

Higakikaise/Tarukaisen 菱垣廻船/樽廻船 – This a pdf version of the small format museum book published by the Tokyo Maritime Science Museum. It is, of course, in Japanese, but contains some nice photos and illustrations of bezaisen. I particularly like the cut-away view of the bezaisen, showing the cargo and internal details and various members of the crew about the ship.