Wasen Model Display at the Museum of Maritime Science, Tokyo

Exhibition of models of Edo period Japanese boats by Mr. Yukio Nakayama.

The display is at the Maritime Science Museum in Tokyo from Saturday, September 30th, through Sunday, October 15th. The display consists of approximately 200 beautifully handmade Japanese boat and ship models in 1/70 scale, with about 50 Edo period buildings, including shrines, temples, shops, warehouses, etc.

Mr. Nakayama will be on-hand on September 30th, October 1st, October 7th through the 9th, and October 13th through the 15th.

~ Session: September 30th (Sat) – October 2017 Sunday (Sunday) Place: Ship’s Science Gallery (Odaiba) About 200 precision handmade Japanese model models of scale 1/70 with about 50 buildings at the time including shrines, temples, town shops, warehouses, The diorama will be exhibited abundantly in the scene. On September 30th, October 1, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, the author himself visits, and will explain the work and the production demonstration. ※ “Funenki” is an identification chart of boats created in the late Edo period, with 33 kinds of riverboat of Kanto 1 yen and Daikawa combined ship are drawn.

I wish I could be in Japan when this is taking place, I have many photos of Mr. Nakayama’s models on display, and the work and variety of models is incredible. I can only hope to see this some day.

Catch the exhibit if you can!


企画展示 江戸木造和船細工 「船鑑(ふなかがみ)」を中心に… Part.2 ~江戸木造和船細工師 中山幸雄の世界~ 会期:2017年9月30日(土)~10月15日(日) 場所:船の科学館(お台場) 縮尺1/70の精密な手作り和船模型約120種200隻を、神社、寺、町屋、蔵、灯明台等当時の建物約50棟と共に情景豊かにジオラマ展示します。 なお、9月30日、10月1、7、8、9、13、14、15日は、作者本人が来館、作品解説や製作実演を行います。 ※「船鑑」とは、江戸時代後期に作成された船の識別図鑑で、関東一円の川船及び海川兼用船33種が描かれている。

via 船の科学館で展示 — 木造和船 中山幸雄の世界

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