Boatbuilder’s Workshop model by Yukio Nakayama

Yukio Nakayama recently posted some photos of a traditional boatbuilder’s workshop on his blog site. There are several photos worth checking out.

He also posted some images of what appears to be a lumber yard, where a small craftsman appears to be preparing to split a log to cut into planks.

I realized later that the boat outside is a bekabune. The boat inside, I think is an utasebune. In fact, that’s exactly what they are. If I had bothered to pay more attention, the label under the title of his blog page identifies them.

I sent this image to Douglas Brooks, who says that Nakayama-san had worked at the Urayasu Museum and think he had helped build the full-sized versions there.

These are posted on his blog, Edowasen, also on WordPress. Click the link below to view:

via 仮屋 — 木造和船 中山幸雄の世界

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