Aru Sendō no Hanashi – The Story of a Boatman

Just was made aware of a recently released film called “Aru Sendō no Hanashi”, which means “The Story of a Boatman”.

My Japanese is really not very good, so I would have a hard time understanding this film, but from this little Youtube video clip, I really want to see it.


Some digging around I did on this film reveals that it is a late Meiji period story of an aging boatman, named Toiichi, who lives in a small hut by a river. The nearby villagers are looking forward to the completion of a new bridge that will connect them to the modern world. He has been left behind by the changing times, but continues to row his boat. When a mysterious girl appears, his life begins to change drastically.

This is all I know except that the film is described as weaving a tale with visual beauty and music, and that I want to see it. Ω

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