Wasen Mokei Website in The Rope Newsletter

My wasen modeler / wasen mokei website got a nice little blurb in the most recent issue of The Rope Newsletter. This issue, due to the coronavirus, is an expanded issue based on member reports, and not just based on members attending a meeting, as they usually are, so it’s a big issue, 36 pages!

In a half-page section of their Overseas Report, my Himi Tenma model got some mention. But, probably more importantly, the website got some attention. The writeup even goes so far as to suggest that “It may be a great help even for Japanese modelers…”. So, it’s nice to see that there is enough content here to gain a little recognition. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep building up the content for some time to come. Below, is a link to the full newsletter, so you can see what’s going on with some of the ship modelers in Japan:




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