Kezurou-Kai in Oakland, Oct 20-22

While it doesn’t relate directly to modeling wasen, there is an event of coming up in Oakland, California this weekend, the annual gathering of Kezurou-Kai USA. This is a 2-day event of enthusiasts of Japanese carpentry.

I don’t really know much about the group except for what I’ve heard from others in past months. And, the only reason I know about it now is really because of Douglas Brooks, who apparently gave a talk at the Kezurou-Kai event, which I believe was in New York last year, from what I recall.

Well, Douglas asked me if I would be willing to spend a day at the event to sell his book Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding. Of course, I welcome any opportunity to pay him back for all the help and information he has given me, so I agreed to run a vendor table on the Sunday of the event.

Here’s a copy of the event schedule that I copied from their website.

As a model maker, one thing I’m really looking forward to seeing is a 1/10-scale model of the Tempyozan Buddha Hall that was erected in Northern California. I myself will be manning a vendor table for book sales, but I’ll also have on display a couple wasen models. Specifically, I’ll set up the Tosa wasen model, as well as the Hozugawa Ayubune I’m currently scratch building. These models relate well to Douglas’s book and should serve to illustrate the boats and some of the details seen in the book.

15-shaku Hozugawa Ayubune

15-shaku Hozugawa Ayubune


I hope I can sell some of these books – I have a 70 pound box of them in my living room now!

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