Kezurou-Kai 2017 Follow Up

The 2017 Kezurou-Kai USA event is over and I had a very long day manning a book selling table for Douglas Brooks. It was a lot of fun meeting and talking with enthusiasts of Japanese carpentry. Many were local, but a number of people had flown in the the East Coast and elsewhere. I only worked the second day of this 2-day event, but I did manage to sell some copies of Douglas’s book, Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding.

My makeshift book sales table with my models on display.

It was nice to be able to talk to people about Douglas Brooks and Japanese wooden boats, as well as about the pair of models I brought. They were supposed to attract attention, which they did.

There were several talks that took place during the day and a lunch break. For lunch, someone set up a ramen stand in the parking lot and I managed to get a bowl just before they ran out.

At the end of the event there was a planing contest, in which the entrants attempted to cut the thinnest, even shaving. The shavings were so thin, they were measured in microns, or  1000ths of a millimeter.


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