October 2019 Wasen Mokei Update

Progress on my Kitamaebune slowly continues while the rest of my wasen models are on display through the end of October, though I may talk to the bank about extending the display, just to save me from having to pick up everything just yet.

In my model wasen “boat shop” I still haven’t finished the final details on my Tenma-zukuri chabune, as I’m still contemplating the darkening of the copper trim on it. On my Kitamaebune, I solved this by using brown vinyl, but I do want to try to make this work with copper on the smaller model.

Also in my boat shop is a partially started Hozugawa Ayubune, which I want to be able to make as a gift, since it’s a simple contruction. However, it’s not so simple that I just make myself sit down and get it done. It probably has to do with the fact that I’ve already built one, so the challenge isn’t quite there.

Finally, I’ve cut the parts and created some drawings and a mold for a 1/10-scale model of a Himi rice field boat called a Zutta Tenma. This is something that Douglas Brooks built in Japan in early 2016 (click here to see his blog).

A Zutta Tenma, a rice field boat, built by Douglas Brooks in Himi, Japan, in early 2016.

Speaking of Douglas Brooks, he’s back in Japan today, on his way back up to Himi to build a Himi Tenma, which is a small workboat, generally used for carrying cargo and such. For purposes of fundraising, I’ve agreed to a commission to 2 models of the boat. I have some drawings, but they are a bit limited as they are not builder’s plans, just more of an illustration, so there is some information missing that he’s agreed to provide as he works on the project.

I’ve also agreed to do a set of Illustrator drawings of the Gifu Ukaibune, or cormorant fishing boat from Gifu prefecture. This is a large riverboat, so drawings will be pretty large. I’d like to make a model from these drawings, but at 1/10 scale, it would be something like 3 feet long. So, we’ll have to see how it looks once I start working on the drawings. But, as I’m waiting for information on both the Ukaibune and the Himi Tenma. I can’t do too much with either of those at this time.

Anyway, once my collection models is back from Japantown, I really should finish up the basic details on the Kobaya model. There are a couple simple decorations to finish, plus, I need to permanently mount the rudder, and make and mount 28 sculling oars – a task on which I’ve definitely been dragging my feet. I still don’t know if I’ll attempt to build up the awning framework structure and the deck house. That’s all completely speculative work, and I’m not sure if I feel ready for that, so I haven’t been in a great rush to finish this up.

Finally, when I’m done with my Kitamaebune, I have another Woody Joe kit of the Higaki Kaisen. It’s partially started and I looked it over again last week. That model turned out really well when I built the first one. But, with what I’ve learned with the extra details I’ve been adding to the Kitamaebune, I think I can do a much better job now on a second model.

Time to stop writing and to start doing…




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