Modeling Japanese Boats – MESS Lecture Series – This Thursday, May 27, 11am PDT

Here it is at last, my first webcast talk on the modeling of Japanese traditional boats, from research to construction. This talk is part of the San Francisco Maritime National Park Associations monthly lunchtime talks called MESS, for Maritime Education for Students of the Sea. Earlier this year, I was asked if I could participate, and I agreed, as long as I could talk about modeling Japanese traditional boats.

The talk will take place this Thursday, May 27th, at 11am PDT. The talk itself should last about 40 minutes. You can watch the livestream here: There is no cost to attend, and you can ignore the banners that suggest you need to register for tickets, as there aren’t any.

This talk is aimed at a general audience, so it’s not going to be very technical. I’ll talk about how I manage the research and get into some of the basics of traditional Japanese boats and their design, and the general process of building them from scratch.

If you’re interested, I hope you’ll attend. Afterwards, if there is enough interest, perhaps I’ll organize my own web-based workshop on building one particular boat. If you’re interested in that, be sure to let me know. In the meantime, I hope to see you at the talk this Thursday. Ω

1 thought on “Modeling Japanese Boats – MESS Lecture Series – This Thursday, May 27, 11am PDT

  1. Hi Clare,
    This is great – one thing for those of us outside the US, the time you’ve set is 4am here in Au will you be recording your talk and would it be possible to get a copy

    Also on a more applied note, I have commenced work on Higaki Kaisen, been dealing with lots of the interior modules first to make sure they are all finished and ready to install – I wanted to ask if you have any thoughts re dealing with the bow or cutwater in section three, the part is a composite of parts 4 and 7 glued to make the cutwater – The instructions are clear, just wondering if you have any tips re tools, and how to go about the actual work – I have resolved to file it down to shape but wondering if you have any tips


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