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I got somewhat ambitious this week before Christmas, putting together two new slideshow videos on Youtube, the most recent one being posted just yesterday. The videos show the build processes of the Himi Tenmasen and the Hozugawa Ayubune models. Each also connects the model to the full-sized boatbuilding project that it’s based on, which of course are works involving boatbuilder Douglas Brooks, who provided me with his notes on the construction of the boats.

Hozugawa Ayubune (保図川鮎舟) – Hozu River fishing boat. 1/10-scale model.


I decided to get a little fancy with the videos and put each one to a different musical score that I licensed just for these videos. The cost wasn’t much. But, with the kind of music I used, I decided I needed to pay for a higher end license to avoid advertising interruptions. Hopefully, that will work.

Each is just under 4 minutes long, and includes some footage of the construction of the actual boats they are based on. I had Douglas Brooks look them over to get his “stamp of approval”. He liked them and jokingly told me that he cried through both of them. But, they are something of a tribute to the builders of the actual boats, and are probably kind of like home movies for him.

It occurred to me that Douglas’s first three teacher have passed away now, and that I don’t have decent models of any of the boats he built with them. So, I think I’m going to have to do something about that. I do have a model of the Urayasu Bekabune, but it’s no longer up to my current standards, so I’d better build a new one.

In any case, here are the two new video slideshows.



Please share them as much as possible, and if you like them, please be sure to click the “like” button. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to monetize the Wasen Modeler channel, and I don’t expect to see more than a small handful of views. But, it’s nice to see more than a couple likes on the videos. It also provides inspiration to do more Youtube videos.

I’m not sure what model I’ll make the subject of the next one of these video slideshows, but I definitely want to do another. Most likely, it will be something I’ve scratch built and was based on my own limited research work. Ω


3 thoughts on “Youtube Videos Posted

    • Sadly, it’s true. I know that Douglas found out about Udagawa-san’s passing in early April this year, but I don’t know the actual date that he passed away. I only know he lived to be 92.


      • That’s too bad. He seemed like quite a character. In some ways he was one of the few boat builders who actively fought against his craft dying outside of teaching Douglas.


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