Sandanbo (三反帆) Kumanogawa Sailing Riverboat – Model by Kouichi Ohata

1/10-scale Sandanbo, Kumanogawa Sailing Riverboat model by Kouichi Ohata

Kouichi Ohata is a Japanese model builder who’s work I’ve featured here before. The last model of his that I posted here was his Kumanogawa Hayabune. Living in souther Mie prefecture, Ohata-san has the opportunity to see a number of unique tradional Japanese watercraft, and he has put his modeling skills to good use in reproducing them in miniature.

The Sandanbo is a flat, wide riverboat used on the Kumano river along the border of the  Wakayama and Mie prefectures. It was used to ferry passengers and cargo such as wood, coal, charcoal and other goods up and down the river.

I found a few nice photos on the Internet. There is also one on display in a museum in the town of Kiho, in Mie prefecture (紀宝町ふるさと資料館, Kihouchou Furusato Shiryoukan).

The sandanbo on the Kumano river now carry sightseers up and down the river.

Sandanbo in the town museum in Kiho.

Ohata-san took his measurements and recorded details from the actual Sandanbo he found at the museum. His resulting model is a 1/10-scale, highly detailed beauty. I don’t know the exact measurements, but should be a little under 3 feet long.


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