Website Changes

This week, I finally decided to invest a little money into this site, moving it from a free wordpress site to a paid one, so I can make some improvements to it. The first of those you may notice is that the ads should be gone now. I never see them myself, so I have no idea how annoying they might be to visitors.

The next thing I did was that I made a gallery page that has all the wasen models I’ve done, all in one page. This was in connection with a suggestion a friend had about sending out a list of all my wasen models. Now, I can easily do that by just sending a link.

You’ll note that I now have a slightly rearranged menu, with the new Wasen Mokei menu closer to the front of the menus since there are now enough completed models to give more emphasis to the completed models rather than to the build logs and blog posts. They’re all there, it’s just a matter of order, really.

The gallery I initially had for other builder’s models still exists, but now relabeled Models by Others, and can be found under the Wasen Mokei menu, right after Models by Clare. Anyway, I do need to do some self promotion here, and I was thinking about creating a site to show my completed models. But, that seemed too much, hence the modifications to this site.

This is all part of the long range goal of making this more of a resource site for those looking for information on wasen, their history, construction, and models, and less about what wood I’ve glued together this week. The blog entries will continue though. So, if your here just to see wasen models going together, there should still be plenty of that.

I’m still looking to share about any wasen models being built by other people. So, please let me know if you’re working on something. Click here for contact info.

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